Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
First Lay Church Planter Perception Assessment Survey
Online version of survey to be given at the BEGINNING of the first coaching session.

* Note: all fields required
Your name:
Your church plant name:
Name of your church plant coach:
Your conference:
Your e-mail:
Multiple choice questions (choose the most accurate statement):
I feel a deep sense of accomplishment in my ministry:
Some days
Most days
All the time
I am aware of the Holy Spirit working through me:
Some days
Most days
All the time
Having a coach for our church plant is:
Not a priority
A program that we will cooperate with
A welcome help
Potentially life changing
I plan to lead out in another church plant:
Sometime in the future
In the next year
In the next two to three years
In the next four to five years
Indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:

Disagree Agree Strongly
I believe lay church planting is a way God will finish His work
Empowering others is a major role in my ministry
Church planting is a priority in my ministry
I understand how to identify a potential church planter
I know where to turn for help if needed
My ministry is making a significant impact for God's kingdom
The vision for the future of this church plant is very clear to me
Our church plant is functioning in a healthy way
My church is committed to the lay led model of ministry
I feel supported in ways that strenthen my ministry by:        
Pastor Coach
Mother Church
My ministry skills are continually being developed

I am facing the following
significant challenges in ministry:


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