Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Last Pastor-Coach Perception Assessment Survey

Online version of survey to be given at END of Church Plant Coach Certification Training.

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Name of church planter you coached:
Name of church plant you coached:
Multiple choice questions (choose the most accurate statement):
How many individuals are you deeply investing yourself in?:
This is a concept I've not given specific attention to.
I am friendly, but for professional reasons do not go deep with my members.
The elder is the primary lay leader in the church, so I mainly invest in him/her.
I have selected four to seven individuals to invest in.
The church board is the decision making body of the church, so I invest in them.
I don't have any favorites, I invest in everyone.
How often do you use coaching in your ministry:
I really don't know what coaching is
I've tried it a couple times
All the time
Which do you see as your major role in ministry (select one):
I feel a deep sense of accomplishment in my ministry:
Some days
Most days
All the time
I am aware of the Holy Spirit working through me:
Some days
Most days
All the time
Indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:

Disagree Agree Strongly
I believe lay church planting is a way God will finish His work
My personal involvement with lay church planting is important
Empowering others is a major role in my ministry
Church planting is a priority in my ministry
I understand how to identify a potential church planter
My ministry is making a significant impact for God's kingdom

What has been most helpful
to you about this process?:


What unanswered questions
do you still have?:


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