Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Empowering Leadership
Effective leadership begins with an intimate relationship with God, resulting in Christlike character and a clear sense of God’s calling for leaders’ lives. As this base of spiritual maturity increases, effective pastors and leaders multiply, guide, empower and equip disciples to realize their full potential in Christ and work together to accomplish God’s vision.

Leaders of growing churches concentrate on empowering other Christians for ministry. They do not use lay workers as "helpers" in attaining their own goals and fulfilling their own visions. Rather, they invert the pyramid of authority so that the leader assists Christians to attain the spiritual potential God has for them. These pastors equip, support, motivate, and mentor individuals, enabling them to become all that God wants them to be.

Leaders who realize their own empowerment by empowering others experience how the "all-by-itself" principle contributes to growth. Rather than handling the bulk of church responsibilities on their own, they invest the majority of their time in discipleship, delegation, and multiplication. Thus, the energy they expend can be multiplied indefinitely. This is how spiritual "self-organization" occurs. God’s energy, not human effort and pressure, is released to set the church in motion.

The NCD Survey measures:

  1. Match of pastor and congregation
  2. Delegation and sharing of ministry
  3. Leadership through vision
  4. Leadership through mentoring and equipping
  5. Leading change