Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Gift-based Ministry
The Holy Spirit sovereignly gives to every Christian spiritual gift(s) for the building of God’s kingdom. Church leaders have the responsibility to help believers discover, develop and exercise their gifts in appropriate ministries so that the body of Christ "grows and builds itself up in love."

The gift-based approach reflects the conviction that God sovereignly determines which Christians should best assume which ministries. The role of church leadership is to help its members to identify their gifts and to integrate them into appropriate ministries. When Christians serve in their area of giftedness, they generally function less in their own strength and more in the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary!

None of the eight characteristics indicate nearly as much influence on both personal and church life as "gift-oriented ministry."


The NCD Survey measures:

  1. Understanding your gifts
  2. Matching gifts to task
  3. Significance of service
  4. Coaching: supported, trained and challenged