Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Church Planting Resources
The following materials have been compiled by Tom L. Evans, Associate Director at the North American Division Evangelism Institute. Questions and comments? Contact us.

Appointments to help promote church planting in your area are available.   

Events include: worker’s meetings (typically 5-8 hours of presentation time is ideal), church planting events, festivals of the laity, retreats, etc. 

In North America, it is requested that one to two other individuals join Elder Evans for his presentations.   This enables the multiplication of church planting leaders as well as enhances the presentations by involving active and effective church planters. 
Outside North America, it is requested that one family member join Elder Evans. This gives an opportunity for quality family time.

The cost of travel, per diem and lodging should be arranged by the inviting organization.

The 5 Best Lessons Learned from Church Planting - by Roger Hernandez

Coaching Contract - Agreement between pastor/coach and lay church planter.  Feel free to customize for your setting.

A Reproducible Church Planting Process for the Australian Seventh-day Adventist Church - Doctor of Ministry Project by Wayne Krause. 

Appreciation Event Program - Sample of the Texas Conference Lay Planter/Coaches Annual Appreciation Banquet.  Highly recommended to inspire lay planters to excellence!

Church Planting Movements - David Garrison has done extensive research around the globe identifying areas where church plants are multiplying rapidly.  In this book, he identifies 10 characteristics that were commonly held among these movements.

Geared for Growth - Ten strategies to create an evangelism and growth climate in your church.

Group, Company & Church Status Requirements - This list was voted by the Texas Conference Executive Committee and has been the standard since 2005.  Setting the bar high for church status has proven to be very effective in producing quality church plants.

Harvest Impact 2010 - Summary of growth in Texas through church planting between 2002-2010.

Identifying Church Planting Opportunities - An idea might be right in front of you.  This presentation opens the eyes of the pastors and lay people to the many ways church plants can be started.

Implementation of a Conference-Wide Church Planting Strategy within the Texas Conference - This Doctor of Ministry project by Tom L. Evans, NADEI Associate Director, is based on the implementation of a church planting strategy in the Texas Conference.  The research and findings are beneficial for local church plants as well as a Conference-wide strategy.

Intentional Church Planting - Outlines the differences between a church split and a healthy church plant.

Space to Grow - Helps church plants analyze their best options for a facility to rent.

Taking a Territory - An overview of how to create a church planting movement within a local conference.

Worship Service Pros and Cons NCD - An exercise to help Churches and church plants identify effective and ineffective elements of their worship service.

What is Collaborative Sermon Preparation and How Could it Help Your Church? - Is it difficult to find time in your busy week for quality sermon preparation?  Pastor Roger Walter has developed a collaborative approach to sermon preparation.  Take a look at this summary of his program to see if you can incorporate some of the ideas.

For more Church Planting Resources, visit the NADEI Resource Center.