Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Growing Adventist Disciples

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Basic Equipping Courses s= seminars; e=equipping
Spiritual Children Spiritual Young Adults
Making Disciples
Discipleship 100
Building Disciples
Discipleship 200
Becoming Disciple Makers
Discipleship 300
101s Spiritual Foundations
Purpose:  Discovering His Church and His People
201s Freedom in Jesus
Purpose:  Discovering my Freedom in Jesus
301s Sharing Jesus
Purpose:  Discovering a Lifestyle of Evangelism
102e Orientation to Discipleship Groups
Purpose:  Discovering the Ministry of Discipleship Groups
202e Jesus Our Lord
Purpose:  Deepening my Relationship with Jesus
- Baptism       
302e Sharing Jesus with Others
Purpose:  Developing a Lifestyle of Evangelism
103e Jesus Our Savior
Purpose:  Discovering a Relationship with Jesus
203e Discipling Others
Purpose:  Developing my Ministry
303e Affinity Ministries
Purpose:  Implementing Free Market Groups

Leadership Equipping Courses
Spiritual Parents
Group Leadership
Leading Disciples
Discipleship 400
Coaching Disciples
Discipleship 500
Church Planting
Invading New Territories
Discipleship 600
401s Group Leadership
Purpose:  Discovering my Pastoral Skills
501s Coaching Others
Purpose:  Discovering my Leadership Skills
601s With Disciple Groups
Purpose:  Discovering the Principles of Planting Churches
402e Group Practicum
Purpose:  Developing my Pastoral Skills
502e Coaching Practicum
Purpose:  Developing my Leadership Skills
602e House Churches
Purpose:  Developing a Network of House Churches
403e Group Planting
Purpose:  Multiplying my Ministry
503e Advanced Coaching
Purpose:  Training and Developing Coaches
603e Story Boarding
Purpose:  Developing a Strategic Plan of Time Line Management

Proclamation Equipping Courses
Teaching Disciples

Discipleship 700
Proclaiming His Word

Discipleship 800
Public Evangelism
Gathering the Harvest

Discipleship 900
701s Teaching Disciples 801s Sermon Preparation 901s Evangelistic Preaching
702e Teaching Practicum 802e Topical & Biblical 902e Preaching Practicum
703e Seminar Resources 803e Sermon Practicum 903e Reaping His Harvest