Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Requirements for Church Plant Coaching Certification

Time Required: 60 hours.  Certification is bestowed by a local conference, unless there is union or division endorsement prior to training commencing. NADEI provides the certification within the North American Division.

Classroom training: 15 hours 
Instructor: Tom L. Evans and team
Topics include: Biblical Foundation for Coaching, Empowering Leadership, Deeply Investing, Coaching Skills, Resourcing Church Planters, Evaluation Tools, Support Systems and Coaching for Growth.  Case studies and peer interaction with coaching practice will be included in the curriculum.

Reading: 12 hours 
Creswell, Jane. Christ-Centered Coaching. St. Louis, MO: Chalice Press, 2006.
Three page written report reflecting on the content of Creswell’s book and personal application to current ministry context.  Report to be submitted on first day of training.

Perception Assessment Survey of coach, planter and church plant: 1 hour
Survey given to coach on first day of class.  Survey given to church planter at the beginning of the first coaching session.  Survey given to three key leaders and returned to the coach at the second coaching session.  
Same survey filled out by coach, church planter and three key leaders at the conclusion of the six month program before certification.
All surveys are to be submitted to Candy Clark at NADEI.
Monthly in-person interaction with the church planter: 12 hours
Six monthly coaching sessions with the church planter and brief e-mail report to conference church planting director (Two hours allocated for each coaching session/reporting). E-mail report to conference church planting director includes:
     • Something that has worked well for the church planter in the last month
     • A challenge faced by the church planter in the last month
     • One action step identified by the church planter
     • Result of implementing the action step between coaching appointments

Monthly interaction with church plant group: 18 hours
Six monthly interactions with the church plant group (Three hours allocated for each interaction on average).  Note that category one and two events will take less time than category three events.  Each event should be processed with the church planter at the monthly coaching sessions.  Select 2 options from each category:                           
   Category 1: Attend (select two)
  1. Church Social
  2. Fellowship Meal
  3. Business Meeting
  4. Pathfinder Outing
  5. Youth Vespers
  6. Worship Service (not to preach, this is for observation)
  *Note: The events attended need to be processed with the church planter in your coaching session.
  Category 2: Evaluate (select two)
  1. Administer the NCD survey (if this option is selected #2 on this list is required).
  2.  Process the results of the NCD survey and Profile Plus with the congregation (see category 3, #1).
  3. Implement an ongoing sermon evaluation plan.
  4. Ask the planter and board to fill out the "Lay-Pastor Review."  Compile and discuss results in your coaching session and with the church board.
  5. Invite a “mystery” guest to attend the plant and provide an evaluation instrument for them to give feedback.
  6. Conduct a post-it note feedback session (affinity exercise) with the entire church plant.
  7. Demographic study with evaluation of ministries and their relevance to needs within the community (see category 3, #6).
  8. Discipleship Survey (ask for a copy during the training session).
  9. Church planter completes the IDAK Talent Discovery Guide (cost is $27).  Discuss in your coaching session.
  Category 3: Train (select two)
  1. Training in area of NCD minimum factor or intervention focused on Profile Plus low questions if average church score is below 35.
  2. Lay preaching seminar
  3. Conduct an elder’s retreat
  4. Stewardship seminar
  5. Spiritual gifts inventory and guidance for implementation
  6. Initiation of new ministry based on demographic study (see category 2, #6)
  7. Conflict resolution seminar
  8. Evangelism preparation
  *Note: Preaching in the church plant should not exceed 1x per quarter. More often can tip the congregation toward expectations regarding getting the “own pastor."  Your once a quarter preaching appointment with the church plant could be utilized as a training weekend.

Debrief and Certificate Presentation: 2 hours
Phone, Skype or in-person debrief (determined by conference church planter director).
All perception assessment surveys must be turned in.  Public presentation of certification certificate.  Certificate to be signed by local conference president, church planting director and coaching trainer.
Public testimony to inspire other pastors to become certified may be requested.