Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
NADEI Endorsed Natural Church Development Consultants

Your congregation may find it helpful to have an NCD Consultant.  Consultants endorsed by NADEI are available to assist your congregation through the NCD process. 

Tom Evans

Tom L. Evans was one of the first pastors in the North American Division to utilize the Natural Church Development tool.  Over the next 16 months, the church implemented a number of health initiatives and improved from below average health to well above average health.  Some of the signs of health included 60 baptisms, an increase of 100 in attendance, paying off the mortgage of the church, and several remodeling projects paid for with cash.  At the end of the 16 months, the church launched a vibrant church plant.  Following this experience, Pastor Evans began to promote Natural Church Development in the Texas Conference.  Close to 180 surveys were taken over a period of 9 years.  As an Associate Director of NADEI, Pastor Evans has processed survey results with churches all around North America and the world.


Rodney Mills

Rodney Mills' doctoral research focused on Natural Church Development within the Adventist church.  He emphasized two areas: improving the church he was currently pastoring, and researching SDA churches that had taken at least two surveys to see if improvements had been made.  As the result of increased health, the improvement in his local church was remarkable.  Not only was there numerical growth, but there was also a sense of enthusiasm that pervaded the church.  In his study of other Adventist churches, Pastor Mills divided churches into two categories:  those who completed the survey and took steps to improve their lowest area, and those churches who completed the survey and made no changes.  The results were indisputable.   Those churches that made efforts to improve their low area increased in membership, baptisms, tithes, and offering.  Rather than staying the same, those that did nothing decreased in these areas.