Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
ChurchWorks is a conference-sponsored, city-wide meeting for pastors and a mission-focused leadership team of 10-12 people from each church or district.  These teams work together around tables, creating a skeleton strategy to reach their territory.  When they return to their districts they are able to develop their plan for reaching every person in their territory for God.

The leadership team is chosen intentionally.  Its purpose is to create, with the pastor, the long-range and short-term mission strategy of the congregation.

The Responsibilities of the Conference Coordinator and Participating Pastors:

  • Casting the vision for territorial mission and ongoing, creative, cooperative team work between churches and districts
  • Dividing the city into territories
  • Leading pastors and members to seek God for direction and power
  • Training pastors for leadership and equipping for the mission
  • Resourcing pastors and churches – locating or developing outreach resources
  • Funding – working together to raise funds for the mission
  • Consulting – assisting pastors and teams as they develop their vision and strategy, as needed
  • Determining desired results, a cooperative effort
  • Encouraging and holding one another accountable

If you are interested in scheduling a ChurchWorks in your city, please contact us for fees and information.