Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Field School of Evangelism
Every year, NADEI coordinates between 8 and 11 field schools of evangelism. Each field school is attended by Master of Divinity (MDiv) students from the Theological Seminary at Andrews University. Students are involved in three primary functions: 1) evangelistic visitation of guests and others, 2) assistance with evening public meetings, and 3) attendance and assignments for the MDiv course entitled Field Evangelism. Field schools are meant to engage students and local church members in soul winning.


Field schools are normally 32 continuous days, including at least 18 public evangelistic meetings. These evangelistic series contain distinctive Bible teachings, focusing on obtaining decisions for Christ, His teachings, and His church. The number of students approved for a field school varies depending on the field school budget, and the quantity of visitation opportunities that provide potential for winning people to Christ. Generally, each field school is comprised of 3 – 12 MDiv students.


There are two field school options for those interested in having MDiv students work with their evangelistic meetings. The first is for a conference to invite one of the NADEI professors to be the evangelist for a series in a specific location. In this case, the NADEI evangelist would also serve as the course professor. The other is to have a local conference evangelist or seasoned evangelistic pastor present the series of meetings and teach the MDiv students. Typically, a field school will have an evangelist as well as a coordinator and the individual with the necessary experience and/or credentials  will teach the MDiv class. Most field schools are approved on the basis of this second option.

If a church or conference wishes to hold a field school led by an evangelist from NADEI, they should begin the process at least one year ahead of time. Aside from invaluable evangelistic and training experience, an advantage to the NADEI evangelist option is the financial investment made by NADEI on behalf of this field school, which normally would not be available for other field schools.


The local field school leadership should prepare an adequate budget that may include advertising costs, books and supplies, location expenses, student housing, per diem, and mileage reimbursement for visitation duties. Mileage reimbursement and per diem is paid at a student rate.

NADEI will cover the expenses unsponsored students incur for round-trip travel to the location of the field school. Sponsored students are subsidized to and from field school by their sponsoring organization. Therefore, the local field school budget only covers travel and per diem expenses while the students are on-site. Lodging for students is expected to be provided by local church members, on a voluntary basis.

Approval Process

If a local church, a multi-church district, or a conference desires to have a field school in their territory, they must contact the NADEI Director at the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University, 269-471-8307. The inquirer will be given a set of requirements and expectations, along with an application form they must submit for field school approval. Field schools for the following year are approved in October of the previous year.