Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Church Plant Coaching Certification
Jesus demonstrated the effectiveness of asking powerful questions!  A study of the gospels reveals that Jesus was more inclined to ask questions than give answers.  This powerful approach caused His hearers to reflect deeply and implement changes in their lives.  Coaching is a skill every pastor and lay person should be equipped to utilize.  Certification through NADEI involves a total of 60 hours, which includes training, reading and field experience.  Case studies and live coaching demonstrations provide an experiential learning environment.

Survival rates of church plants double when a coach is involved!  Coaches will be trained for effective monthly coaching meetings with both the church planter and church plant.  Conferences implementing a coaching system have seen a significant positive impact on the vitality of their church plants.

The cost for certification offered at NADEI is $99.  If you would like to offer certification in your conference or union, the cost is $2500-3500 (which includes expenses for two presenters and administrative oversight).  Pre-work book requirements (not included in the registration fee) should be ordered six weeks in advance from the NADEI Resource Center.