Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
What is NADEI?
NADEI was a God-inspired idea when it began in 1979. The Lake Union Conference (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin) wanted to create a top-notch lay evangelistic training program in Chicago, and they asked Mark Finley to lead it. They called it LUSI (Lake Union Soul-Winning Institute). It became so successful that soon conference presidents required pastors getting their MDiv degree at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University in nearby Michigan to attend LUSI for one academic quarter. Eventually, the North American Division (NAD) took over the Institute and renamed it NADEI (NAD Evangelism Institute). In 1985, Dr. Russell Burrill became the director, a position he held for the next 22 years.
In 1993, NADEI moved from Chicago to the Seminary in Berrien Springs, Michigan. This made it easier for pastoral families to take NADEI courses. The third director, Dr. Ron Clouzet, took the helm of the Institute in 2007.
NADEI faculty teach a dozen courses for the Master of Divinity program (MDiv), the main professional graduate degree for ministry. Its professors also teach in the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPMin), the Doctor of Ministry (DMin), and occasionally, in the Master of Arts (Religion) programs. Our professors have terminal professional degrees and vast, successful, ministerial and evangelistic experience in the field. NADEI coordinates eight to ten field schools of evangelism each year. They teach in the area of personal evangelism, public evangelism, evangelistic preaching, church growth, church planting, lay ministry empowerment, small groups, and discipleship. They also process the assessment surveys for Natural Church Development (NCD), provide ministry coach training, and provide ministry care to Seminary spouses.
Most weekends, NADEI faculty and/or staff are in the field training pastors and church members. NADEI’s School of Evangelism and Discipleship, for example, strategizes lay training in a metro area which would include LifeWorks, ChurchWorks, a SEEDS Church Planting Conference, small groups, and a field school of evangelism.
NADEI believes evangelism is the heartbeat of mission and the destiny of every converted Christian. It is to be a process rather than an event, and become a lifestyle practice for every follower of Christ. NADEI’s mission statement is clear and simple: NADEI educates, equips, and empowers for evangelistic ministry.
 by Ron Clouzet

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