Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
NADEI Evangelists

Ron Clouzet

Dr. Clouzet was a successful evangelistic pastor in California when, in 1993, he was called by Southern Adventist University to be in charge of the School of Religion’s evangelistic program. Under his leadership, new courses in evangelism were created and the Pierson Institute of Evangelism and Missions was developed.  About 100 undergraduate students were sent to different parts of the globe to preach each year, winning about 5,000 souls over the course of six years.

In 2007, Dr. Clouzet was asked to be the director of the NAD Evangelism Institute. Out of the eight to ten field schools of evangelism NADEI coordinates every year, he personally conducts one to two, usually in larger metro areas, involving multiple churches, and always as part of a year-long process. In 2011, Dr. Clouzet was the speaker for NET11, a series of evangelistic meetings broadcast live on Hope Television and Direct-TV, out of Nashville, Tennessee. Seven hundred churches were involved, and an estimated 8,000 people watching were baptized.

Dr. Clouzet’s preaching approach is more didactic and thorough than the typical evangelist. He opens with a Question and Answer session, before going into the prophetic and/or biblical subject of the day. His messages are very Christ-centered, and although he uses history, literature, linguistics, philosophy and other disciplines, the lessons are refreshingly biblical, full of life and meaning. Those attending the first three nights rarely drop out, and others are added by word of mouth. The majority of those attending through to the end make decisions for Christ, His teachings, and His church.

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Errol McLean

Dr. Errol McLean has demonstrated a commitment to evangelism and functioned faithfully as a pastor evangelist for many years, both nationally and internationally. Over the years he has received recognition for increased baptisms and innovative and holistic approaches to evangelism.

From 2004 to 2010 Dr. McLean provided conference departmental leadership in Personal Ministry, Ministerial and Evangelism.  In 2010 he was appointed associate director for the NAD Evangelism Institute with an emphasis in Church Growth and Evangelism. He provides evangelistic training across the NAD as well as to the students at the Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

Dr. Errol McLean brings to public evangelism a preaching style that presents the gospel in a vibrant and informative manner. His Christ-centered sermon style makes relevant the grace of God to the issues people are facing in a stressed out world. Over the years he has extended Christ’s invitation to hundreds of people who have responded in commitment to Jesus Christ through baptism.

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