Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Ron Clouzet
Requesting a field school with Dr. Clouzet involves the same process as all the others. However, two things to keep in mind are: a) the field school must be in a substantive metro area where a number of churches—between 7 and 15—can become part of the plan, and b) a number of churches must be willing to conduct simultaneous public meetings led by Seminary students.

What to Expect

Dr. Clouzet’s field schools are meant to maximize evangelistic opportunities for a conference’s metro area, where additional financial, educational, and material resources can be applied. Typically, a sizable church in town will be the main site where Dr. Clouzet will preach twice each night, at 5:30 p.m. and at 7:15 p.m. (more guests tend to come at 5:30 than at 7:15!). Between 28 and 33 evangelistic messages are presented, depending on whether the series is four or five weeks long.

A number of Seminary students will be helping lay leaders in the church with evangelistic visitation and leading people to a decision for Christ. Training is provided every week, and a method for mentoring and discipling new believers is implemented. This method has resulted in almost complete retention of new converts over the years. Dr. Clouzet’s messages are thoroughly Biblical and intensely interesting, marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit. A large number of guests continue to come after the first weekend, and most who attend the entire series make decisions for baptism and church membership.

Process and Scope

About one year before the prophecy evangelistic meetings, known as Prophecies Decoded, Dr. Clouzet meets with the conference leadership to finalize the budget and holds a planning session with all the area pastors. There is also an informational meeting with the lay leaders of all the churches in the area, outlining the plan, the exact dates for training events and pre-harvest meetings (the evangelistic countdown), and answering all questions that come to mind.

Area churches have a couple of months for their boards to evaluate their participation and commitment. Dr. Clouzet visits with most of these churches during that time. Each participating church agrees—75% of the board members must sign—to a brief twelve-point document that includes a financial commitment to the evangelistic plan. Experience has taught that churches take their evangelistic work more seriously when they are financially committed.

A typical evangelistic countdown for the participating churches will include the following:
  • evangelism rally training weekend
  • spiritual revival week
  • bridge-building seminars for the community
  • missional small groups training
  • Bible studies/Bible courier training
  • pre-harvest weekend meeting on Christian apologetics or Revelation topics
  • pre-harvest weekend meetings on archaeology and the Bible
  • consecration weekend
  • the prophecy evangelistic series

Pre-Harvest Meetings

Pre-harvest meetings are weekend-long seminars (four or five presentations) to generate guest interest in the community. Why, God? Seeking Answers to Troublesome Questions is a seminar that focuses on major existential issues such as suffering and evil, hell, creation-evolution, Bible reliability, and Jesus as a historical person. These presentations are designed to reach the secular person who is either wary of organized religion or uncomfortable in a church setting.

Decoding Revelation is an in-depth study of a few topics in the Book of Revelation, such as the seven trumpets and the seven last plagues, which are typically not covered in the main meetings. The seminar aims to reach those in the evangelical church-going community who are eager to learn more about prophecy and last-day events.

Astonishing Discoveries in the Land of the Bible are lectures done with the help of an archaeologist, such as Drs. Michael Hasel, Randy Younker, or Connie Gane. This is a very popular seminar, done dialogically, where real archaeological artifacts are brought in for examination. The intersection between history, archaeology, and the stories of the Bible make this a fascinating way to interest guests in the fuller set of prophecy meetings that follow.

All of the above—the rally, the revival, the training, the pre-harvest meetings—are part of a year-long process culminating in the main evangelistic meetings focused on Bible prophecy.

Church Options and Responsibilities

Churches that have made the commitment to participate are eligible to have one or two Seminary student pastors hold evangelistic meetings at their location, while Dr. Clouzet conducts the main meetings. Each of the students will have taken a full semester, master’s level course, on evangelistic preaching. To date, the feedback from churches about the student pastors has been very positive. They have done an outstanding job preaching, and leading people to Christ and His church.

Churches could also opt to be a direct satellite site using Dr. Clouzet’s meetings, instead of having a student pastor preach. The meetings would be streamed live at 7:30 p.m. These churches would be branches of the main meeting, benefiting from direct evangelistic visitation and the numerous resources and supplies for attendees, such as a brand-new Andrews University Study Bible (NKJV), and several of Dr. Clouzet’s books.

The churches are responsible for:
  • following the countdown plan
  • providing members the opportunity for evangelistic training
  • implementing the row host system (a practical way to engage with guests each night)
  • participating in evangelistic visitation
  • coordinating meetings for children
  • providing lodging for the student/s that may be assigned to them

The local field school budget is also responsible for covering student mileage reimbursement, and a small per diem to help with their meals.

If you are interested in a field school, please contact Dr. Clouzet’s office at 269-471-8308, or e-mail. Dr. Clouzet’s field schools tend to be booked about 18 months in advance.