Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Errol McLean

Availability and Timing

Field Schools of Evangelism conducted by Dr. Errol McLean are generally scheduled May to mid-June to synchronize with the Andrews University Theological Seminary’s academic schedule.   

Field Schools of Evangelism are generally conducted in midsize to larger churches and will involve six to ten students. Field Schools of Evangelism are reaping series and are therefore most effective in churches that are actively engaged in sowing activities. During the series an average of 24 sermons are presented. Students, with active support and involvement from the church, engage in intensive guest visitation.


Preparation for the series usually begins one year before and follows an evangelistic countdown calendar. This calendar involves meeting with the church leadership: the pastor, the board of elders and the church board to build support and gain commitment. The meeting will be both informational and planning in scope. The church and its leadership are expected to sign a commitment document detailing their full support of the evangelistic plan. The church is also required to provide written confirmation from their conference of its support for the evangelistic series.

A typical evangelistic countdown calendar includes the following:
  • Evangelism rally training weekend
  • Spiritual revival week of Prayer
  • Community bridge building seminars
  • Bible studies/Bible courier training
  • Pre-series Easter weekend series on Jesus Christ
  • Consecration weekend
  • The evangelistic series
  • New believers retention training and organization

Dr. McLean’s sermons connect the grace of Jesus Christ through the prophetic lens of scripture to the reality of a contemporary generation. These sermons are solidly biblical as well as intentionally relevant to building faith in God and the church as the body of Christ.

Responsibility of Churches

The church is responsible for:
  • Following the evangelistic countdown plan
  • Coordinating with the evangelist to providing evangelistic training for the members
  • The implementation of the row host system that is geared to engaging with guests each night
  • Sowing activities to develop interest and garner names for visitation
  • Participating in evangelistic visitation
  • Coordinating meetings for children
  • Providing lodging for the seminary students

The budget prepared by the church and supported by the conference will cover costs for student visitation mileage and a small per diem for meals.

Please contact NADEI for additional information and to schedule a Field School of Evangelism.