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Small Groups
Small Groups have been around for a long time.  God Himself is a Small Group of Three.  Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, encouraged Moses to organize Israel into small groups. Jesus had a small group of twelve, through the Reformation years there were small groups, and today many churches flourish because they became involved in small groups ministries.  Ellen White tells us that God showed her that we should be involved in small groups.  So what are small groups anyway?  For a start we will introduce three basic types of small groups, and then in later blogs build upon each of them.

Accountability Groups

These are groups of two to four individuals usually made up of the same gender.  There are three qualifications for one to belong to an Accountability Group:  1) A hungering for a deeper relationship with Jesus; 2) Covenanting with each other to equip and be equipped (Discipleship) for Spiritual Growth and Ministry; 3) Having a heart for the lost.  These qualifications are then interpreted into three goals. (This will be further shared on our next blog on small groups).

Trimester Groups

Trimester groups may be made up of both genders.  Trimester Groups meet weekly and will focus on a study or presentation for eight to thirteen weeks for the purpose of training and/or teaching.  In the process, there will be a building of relationships with one another. After their task is completed, Trimester Groups will dissolve and may in the following semesters continue with another topic and presentation in areas of interests or needs.

Life Groups

Life Groups are just what they sound like. They will continue to meet weekly and add others to the group until the group reaches a maximum size of about twelve or fifteen, at which time they will multiply into two or three other groups. The groups seldom die out but continue in ministry, growing, and multiplying.  Life Groups will oversee the entire ministry of its members focusing on building Community, Equipping, Accountability, Leadership, and Evangelism.

Small groups, according to Natural Church Development, are an essential ministry if a church is to be a healthy church.  So what’s your reaction?  What are you interested in? Training is available for those who desire to become involved in this exciting ministry.

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