Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
NAD Evangelism Challenge
The church in North America today is faced with the challenge of low growth rate and plateaued or declining churches.  The leadership of the church at the 2010 Annual Council recognized this and stated in a very succinct yet most apropos statement.

The Challenge:
Adventists have a unique, if unfulfilled, challenge: "The Church's growth rate is simply not keeping pace with the world's burgeoning population. An honest evaluation of our current evangelistic impact on the world leads to the conclusion that unless there is a dramatic change we will not complete Heaven's assignment in this generation." (SDA Annual Council 2010)

The question, however, that is raised by this statement has not really been answered. Evangelism in North America continues to limp along and can only be described as anemic at best.  

It is in this environment and to this challenge that NADEI focuses on providing training and inspiration for public and personal evangelism at the seminary and in the field through various evangelistic training events and direct evangelistic outreach series. One of these events is the Field School of Evangelism. Every year, NADEI organizes and directly engages in numerous Field Schools. This provides best practice training for the seminary students and models successful evangelism for the churches and local pastors.  

Evangelism is not a focus of the church for the sake of the church. Evangelism is the focus of the church for the growth of the kingdom of God.  Evangelism is about inviting lost people to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord so the church must once again take up the challenge of evangelism and experience the heart of God in love for lost people. There is still so much more that we can do to respond to this challenge. You are invited to engage with NADEI. Together we can begin the dramatic change required to complete heaven’s assignment.
-- By Errol McLean

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Denry White, Pastor
2015-04-30 11:58 PM

This is a wonderful opportunity to share an insight on evangelism. My experience is on several factors.
1. Lack of pre-work from the churches
- most churches wait for the beginning of an evangelistic series to do bible work or what's called "cold knocks". 
- if pre-work is done minimun a year in advance with community outreach there will be more of an increase in the harvest and long-term commitments. 
- members also should be trained as bible workers and not wait for a bible worker to come do all the work.

2. Change of life for new believers - lack of mentoring or the desire from members to be good mentors or to even be trained to take on the responsibility. 
- Being an Adventist is new territory 
- some new believers are ostracized by family, former church members and friends  
- members need to be trained how to be mentors for new believers 
- in some cases taking them "by the hand". 

3. Retention on new believers 
- alot evangelism is big event and people may make decisions on feelings of fear, guilt, confusion etc. Therefore bible study before and after baptism is essential to the maturity of a new believer.

4. Friends not Numbers 
- new believers should be considered and treated as friends not Numbers. 
- Friends make more friends while numbers come and go. 

5. Commit people to Christ through the Adventist message 
- the two are not seperate and needs to be taught as the same 

6. Disciples not members 
- being a member makes you lazy and makes you feel that you have some entitlement
- while disciples have a responsibility to finishing the gospel work and living a Christian lifestyle 
- bible workers are brought in and new believers build a relationship with them. Then workers leave and new believers are lefted to a cold church.
- if members are trained to be disciples they will do the bible work and build longterm relationships with the new believers.

I hope my two senses make dollars.
Being out there and seeing it action lets me see the need to make changes for this time. 

Pastor Denry White