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Ministry Area Profile
Ministry Area Profile is a high-impact, comprehensive demographic analysis of any area of your choice.  It is custom made based on ZIP Code(s), Radius or Polygon (multi-sided boundary).  The 27-page PDF document is sent electronically and can be distributed or printed as needed.
NADEI Recommends:
            Metro areas – a 3 mile radius from the church
            Rural areas – your ZIP code or a larger radius (5-10 miles)
Cost:  $315  $200
To order call 269-471-8303
*This demographic analysis is available only for churches within the United States.
If you are part of one of the following conferences, please contact your local Ministerial Director about receiving your 27-page report for free:  Allegheny West, Arkansas-Louisiana, Chesapeake, Florida, Georgia-Cumberland, Gulf States, Minnesota, Potomac, Rocky Mountain, South Central, Texas and Washington.
If you are a conference administrator and would like to learn how your conference can provide demographic reports for your churches, contact Diane Christy at 866-213-4722.