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Being Audited
Have you ever been audited? Every year, the work that I am responsible for goes through an audit. Those conducting the audit are looking to confirm that the decisions I have made are accurate and appropriate. These people that are reviewing my actions are very nice and cordial. They are not necessarily looking to find fault with my choices; however if they do (they usually find something to bring to my attention), they will share with me a better and more appropriate way to handle my actions. My perception of auditors is positive. I see them as friends and not as enemies. The auditor’s job is to confirm or not confirm, that the organization that I manage is receiving a fair and accurate financial picture of its operations. Have you ever gone through a process like this?

The question is not whether or not the funds you manage are being processed in a proper manner. The question is, have you ever been audited? Not your check book, but your character? Have you been weighed in the scales of justice and been found wanting? There are probably a few people in your life that think very negatively about you. Does their opinion matter to you? Should it matter? Do you know that the only perfect Person who lived was put to death by jealous, misguided individuals?

When the days of our lives are over, we will stand before the most gracious Auditor the world has known. What is your perception of this great Auditor? One huge question is, do you know this gracious Auditor, is He your Friend? The answer to this question is a matter of life or death.

If this Auditor is not your Friend, what are you going to do change that relationship?
-- by Richard Moore

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