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Trimester Groups - Part Two
Getting a Trimester Group started is much easier then one would think.  Just talk with a couple of friends in the church who would also like to reach out to others and develop a Blessing List.  What is a Blessing List?  Well, each person in your group of two or three comes up with three to five names with whom they would like to share Jesus.  These individuals become those you pray God’s Blessings daily.  Use the acronym BLESS.  Pray for:   
 B- Body’s physical needs
 L- Labor needs (work or school)
 E- Emotional needs
 S- Social, relational needs
 S- Spiritual needs

When your team gets together once a week make it a matter of prayer for every ones Blessing List.  Pray for thirty days asking God to bless your friends.  At the end of the thirty days let those you have been praying for know what you have been doing because you care.  They will be receptive.  Invite them to give you any specific request that they may have.  Share with them that you will continue to pray for them daily and all you ask is that they let you know when their prayer request has been answered.  Now during the second month look for ways to serve your friends with acts of kindness.

After two or three months, look for open doors to present the Gospel and/or invite them to your Small Group Meetings. Keep praying; keep watching, and your group will grow.  Remember your small group needs to be in an area of interest to others: a Relational Oriented Small Group, Task Oriented Small Group, Need Oriented Small Group, or a Study Oriented Small Group.

Whenever you start a small group, give out invitations inviting neighbors and friends.  Make your first meeting a social meeting.  Have a meal together; begin with an icebreaker question such as, “What was a highlight you had this last summer?”  After eating share with the group what your plans are for the group meetings over the next six to twelve weeks, sharing what the times and dates would likely be.  Let the group give input so that there is buy in.

All group meetings should start with prayer and end with prayer.  Relational, Task, and Need Oriented Groups would complete their agenda and be finished within a hour to an hour and a half.  Study Groups can be a little more structured with what is called the four

Format would look something like this:
            Welcome (a simple icebreaker question) 15 min.
            Works (praying and planning time for future meetings) 30 min.
            Worship (reading Scripture, Singing, Testimonies, etc.) 15 min.
            Word (Study of the chosen topic) 30 min.

It really is that simple. Try it! It is exciting, it builds community and lifetime friends.
-- by Don James

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