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NADEI Says Good-bye
Over the last few months we have experienced many changes in our office as three staff members have departed for other positions locally, and abroad. 

Richard Moore

On the first of April, our Business Manager, Richard Moore, began his new position as Associate Treasurer of the Lake Union Conference.  Richard joined our staff in 2011, just as we were preparing for the NET 2011 evangelistic meetings.  It was not an easy time to adjust to a new job, as there were numerous complicated financial details to work through while planning such a large-scale event.  Richard handled the challenges with competence, efficiency, and good humor, and continued to tackle other tasks in the same manner throughout his time with us.  Richard was appreciated in our office as a person who would listen without judgement and guide with a Christ-like perspective.  While his presence is greatly missed, we wish him all the best as he serves in his new role with the Lake Union Conference.


Ron & Lisa Clouzet

The first of May brought more good-byes. After nine years of service at NADEI, Ron & Lisa Clouzet are transitioning to their new positions with the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD).
Throughout his time as director of NADEI, Ron conducted 12 Field Schools of Evangelism for the Master of Divinity students at the SDA Theological Seminary.  During these events, he was simultaneously teaching students how to conduct such a meeting and preaching the evangelistic series, Prophecies Decoded.  A highlight was in 2011 when Ron was the speaker for the NET 2011 evangelism series, uplinked via Hope Television to 700 churches within the NAD, leading 8,000 souls to baptism.  Along with teaching the classes Field Evangelism, Church Growth and the Equipping Pastor, and Apologetics in Evangelism for the Seminary, he also developed the course Field Evangelistic Preaching.  He authored three books during his time at NADEI:  Adventism’s Greatest Need, Decoding Bible Prophecies and The Little Book on Big Topics.
Lisa served as an Associate Director at NADEI, focusing on supporting and training the spouses of our Seminary students.  She was the faculty sponsor of the Seminary Support in Ministry (SSM) and taught a class for Seminary spouses called Tools for the Pastor’s Spouse.  Seminary students, spouses, as well as co-workers, found her office a welcoming environment where they would find Lisa with a listening ear and warm cup of tea to share.  She also had the opportunity to put her chaplaincy experience to work by counseling MDiv students who were completing the Chaplaincy Emphasis.

Ron’s new position with the NSD is Ministerial Association Secretary while Lisa will be the Associate Ministerial Secretary.  We pray for God’s blessings as they make this move and serve in their new roles. 


NADEI’s Future

We are confident that God is leading in each person’s life as they transition within His service, and we are sure of God’s continued direction for the future of NADEI.  After all, God has promised in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Please join us in praying for Richard, Ron and Lisa as they take up their new responsibilities, and for the future of NADEI as God brings new employees to carry on His work of evangelistic training.

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