Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Ruth James
From 1990 to the present, Ruth James has worked for the NAD Evangelism Institute serving as secretary, editor, and researcher for her supervisors.   Her interaction with students have resulted in many complements of how great it was to see the teamwork between she and her husband Dr. Don James, an example of ministry encouraged by the Spirit of Prophecy. In 1995 Ruth was awarded a certificate of recognition from the Seminary dean and associate for exhibiting husband and wife teamwork to the students. Ruth has team taught on Missional Groups and sold materials across our nation.
Ruth is a 3rd generation Seventh-day Adventist with grandparents being the first missionaries to mainland China. She graduated from Laurelwood Academy and attended Walla Walla College, Pacific Union College, and Andrews University. During her days of education, she worked as a pianist for voice lessons and director for choirs.  After marriage Ruth has worked for a medical doctor with patients, keeping records and insurance updates and has been a bookkeeper and teller in a Wells Fargo Bank. When her husband entered pastoral ministry in 1972 she was always beside him assisting in ministry through secretarial and musical skills. In 1984 the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventist hired her where she served in different capacities as receptionist, Communications Director, then secretary for departments of Stewardship, Community Services, ASI and Women’s Ministry. Ruth’s greatest passion is helping others in need and sharing Jesus.
Ruth and her husband have three grown children and five grandchildren.