Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Vision and Goals

Components of the ChurchWorks vision include—

Taking responsibility for the territory assigned to the church or district. Our entire church structure—divisions, unions, and conferences or missions—know exactly where their territory lies, yet often a pastor or church has only a vague idea of its territory—cities, towns, villages, and rural areas.
Reaching every person in the territory, an ongoing task. The vision is cast to reach every people group and person—age, social, economic, language, and religious group including the deaf, the homeless, etc.
Getting every ministry focused on outreach. Children’s Sabbath school, Pathfinders, Community Services, Schools, Adult Sabbath Schools and all other ministries can be intentional about sharing the Gospel through their specific role in the church and community.
Involving every member in ministry. If you take away the word every, you have lost vision. Although it sounds like a daunting task, the effort to involve even inactive members in serving someone in the community in need may be a means of drawing them back into fellowship.
Partnering members for ministry encouragement. Simple peer coaching skills can be taught to members, ministry leaders, and pastors in order to bring joyful accountability for ministry and outreach into their daily lives.
Drawing every member into devotions through daily Bible study and prayer.
Seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit for ministry.