Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Upcoming Field School Opportunities for MDiv Students
"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."  Matthew 28:19


Each year there are field school opportunities to participate in various types of evangelism including single church meetings, city-wide events, campus ministry, urban ministry, church planting series, and evangelism tailored for specific people-groups. Students with previous evangelistic experience can benefit from field schools that focus on specific areas providing new and different skills.

Field schools usually involve students in four weeks of evangelistic experience. This may include preparation, involvement in meetings, and follow-up work.

A field school is so much more than participating in evangelism under the direction of an evangelist. Making friendships, watching the Holy Spirit move, visiting and studying with people who urgently want to know the Bible, sharing baptismal events – all these encounters, and more, will make up your field school experience.

Some field schools provide the opportunity for your spouse and family to attend. Be sure to plan your schedule with this possibility in mind.



Transportation to and from field schools:
Sponsored students—Travel allowance paid by sponsoring conference
Unsponsored students—Travel allowance paid by NAD Evangelism Institute

Lodging during field schools:
Suitable housing will be provided either in the homes of members or as
arranged by the local church or conference.

Meals during field schools:
Meals while attending the field school will be provided by the local church or through per diem
amounts given to purchase food.

Transportation during field schools:
Mileage will be paid by the local church or through the evangelism budget.


Upcoming Field School Opportunities

To learn more and sign up for a specific site, students can make an appointment with Alice McIntyre.
Semester Dates Location Coordinator Class Students
Spring 2018 Immersion
January 8 - May 3
Cuba/Stevensville L F Ortiz Seminary 10
(Assigned by
Dr. Ortiz)
Spring 2018 Term 2
March 26 - April 21
Ft Worth, TX - city wide
Spanish speaking field
schools and preaching
D Serns On-site 8 Confirmed
Summer 2018 Immersion
May 14 - August 3
South Bend, IN
Grace Place
H Williams Seminary Full Confirmed
Summer 2018 2nd session
June 11 - July 7
St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Central Church
Robb Long On-site 4 Confirmed
Summer 2018 TBA Nashville, TN - city wide Roger Hernandez On-site 6 Pending
Summer 2018 1st Session
May 14 - June 9
Columbus, OH
Ephesus Church
Noah Washington On-site 4 Pending
Summer 2018 2nd session
June 11 - July 7
Austin, TX
Alpha Church
Errol McLean
Gordon Jones - Pastor
On-site 6 Confirmed
Summer 2018 2nd session
June 11 - July 7
New York, NY - Church Plant Everette Samuels On-site 2 Pending
Summer 2018 3rd session
July 9 - August 4
Cleveland, OH M Edmonds On-site Full Confirmed
Summer 2018 3rd session
July 9 - August 4
Greenville, NC
Ebenezer Church
Keith Woodard On-site 4 Confirmed
Summer 2018 3rd session
July 8 - August 4
Chester, PA
Macedonia Church
Ron Williams On-site 4 Confirmed
Summer 2018 3rd session
July 8 - August 4
Homestead, FL Ed Schmidt On-site 2 Confirmed