Inspiring a Love for Evangelism
Courses Offered
Instructor: Ron Clouzet
Cost: $2000

One weekend of Christ-centeredness, spiritual discovery, and training for personal devotional life, leading to an intimate relationship of faith in Christ.

Lay Model and Church Growth
Instructor: Eduard Schmidt
Cost: $2000 plus materials

Will help members discover and implement their role as God's ministers in the church and community.  How members can discover their spiritual DNA and utilize it to become all that God has intended them to be, as well as a basic orientation to growth in the local church.

Witness for Life
Instructor: Eduard Schmidt
Cost: $2000 plus materials

Helping members share the Bible effectively in initial spiritual conversations and to facilitate the process of conversion is the topic of this class.  Practical suggestions will be given in the areas of purposeful relationships, starting spiritual conversations, using coaching skills for effective bible studies, studying the bible in ways that lead to life transformation, helping people remove faith barriers for sustained decision-making and discipleship.

Presenters:  various
Cost: $5000 plus materials

This is an interactive vision-casting and planning weekend for Pastors and core leadership.  What will it take to fulfill the mission of the church and what structures need to be in place an realigned to have a vibrant growing church?  Participants will meet around tables, and each segment will be followed by an implementation and planning time where an initial strategy with doables is developed. 

Public Evangelism Reaping Series
Presenters:  Ron Clouzet or Errol McLean
Cost: varies based on location

A multi-week, full length series of evangelistic meetings leading people to Christ, His teachings, and His church.  In addition, a field school class is taught during the series. The dynamics of public evangelism, visitation and discipleship are taught in the setting of a real time evangelistic meeting.  Participants will work together with student ministers from the masters of Divinity program at Andrews University and learn the skills that will help people accept the three angels message.  Furthermore they will learn how to organize the church and meetings to have effective meetings.

One Body - Exploring Small Groups for Evangelism and Community Building
Instructor:  Don James
Cost:  $2000 plus materials

A one to two weekend equipping course for the establishment of missional small groups, and effective outreach of former and inactive members.  This is a holistic small group model that grows out of who we are as Seventh-day Adventists.  This class is faithful to the message and mission of who we are as a people.  Some of the topics will be developing mission, methods, vision and values.  What are the guiding principles for a healthy group and one indispensable key for group survival?  How to build a strong core group?  Small groups are essential to building the infrastructures in ministries, community and evangelism.

Growing Strong
Instructor:  Don James
Cost:  $2000 plus materials

An advanced small group equipping course on how to mentor and disciple existing members as well as new believers.

SEEDS Church Planting Conference
Presenter:  various
Cost:  $5500 plus materials

This conference on Church Planting will help people to commit to planting new congregations.  It will show the need and the steps to healthy church planting.  It covers basic models and procedures for successful leadership development in church planting programs.

Invest in Life
Instructor:  Richard Moore
Cost:  $2000 plus materials

This class will give people the tools necessary to handle their God-given resources.  It includes aspects such as how to get out of debt, staying within a budget, investing in God's work which includes the use of time, talent and treasure.

Leadership Development
Instructor:  Errol McLean
Cost:  $2000 plus materials

A study of leadership emergence, selection, and training in evangelistic churches with particular attention paid to strategic issues of various training models and their relationship between formal, informal, and non-formal leadership development.

The cost for each event covers travel expenses and teaching fees.  It does not include handouts, books, meeting facilities or other expenses that may be incurred.