Sonia Schmidt

Sonia Schmidt was born to missionary parents in Manaus, Brazil on the Amazon basin. She was nurtured with a mission world view that has kept her actively involved in ministry to those who need to know the love of God. After marrying at an early age, she and her husband, Eduard Schmidt, have been inseparable partners in church ministry, later traveling with their young children to hold equipping events in departmental work. Now, Sonia and her husband work together, mentoring students in evangelistic visitation and bringing people to a knowledge of Christ. As Ed and Sonia conduct reaping series and visit those who attend, they find their greatest joy in helping people make the decision to experience the fullness of salvation and to share with them practical ways to live the distinctive Adventist message of hope and wholeness. Their passion is to equip church members to become disciples who live up to their full God given potential, becoming ministers in the community and the church. Sonia is one of the Administrative Assistants to the Director of the NAD Evangelism Institute and always travels with her husband to visit, evangelize, equip church members and share with everyone the richness of a life dedicated to Christ.



Administrative Assistant
NAD Evangelism Institute
Suite S303
4145 E Campus Circle Drive
Berrien Springs, MI 49104, USA