Equipping University

Conferences and churches that are growing have a few things in common.  One of these is they recognize the urgent need to equip their members and provide them with field-tested instruction to become effective disciples in their church and community.

The NAD Evangelism Institute can help meet this need through a variety of practical seminars that will help revive churches spiritually, and activate members for outreach.

These interactive courses are offered two to three times a year.  The certificate program usually culminates with a full length reaping series.  Depending on the wishes of the conference or church, the program may last two to three years, and is capped with a graduation where candidates receive their certificates from the very people they brought to Christ.


Evangelism and Discipleship Certificate

A certificate program requires a minimum of 5 courses that equip members to become proficient in the competencies required for the area of the certificate.  Choose individual courses that will address the equipping and involvement goals of your field.

Each course module consists of weekend intensives.  Each weekend consists of 10 to 13 hours of training.  Every class requires additional reading and practical assignments that participants fulfill in their local churches.

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