The Heatlhy Pastor:  Easing the Pressures of Ministry

The Heatlhy Pastor: Easing the Pressures of Ministry


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Like a fraying rope, pastoral ministry is often strained and stressed.  Expectations seem unending, relationships strain to breaking, and emergencies and interruptions drain a minister’s time and energy.  If not handled well, the pressures of ministry can have negative effects on a pastor’s health, family, and ministry.

The Healthy Pastor confronts the expectations church and ministers have of the pastor’s role.  With insight and understanding, author Dennis Bickers addresses some of the pressures commonly found in ministry.  He identifies them and provides effective solutions to help pastors create balance in several areas of their lives, including their relationships with God, their families, the church, and themselves.

A practical resource for all ministers, The Healthy Pastor will help you recapture the joy and excitement of serving God and his people.