The Other 80 Percent

The Other 80 Percent


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The Other 80 Percent is a practical guide for church leaders written by respected researcher Scott Thumma and noted author Warren Bird.  The authors draw upon new research across a broad range of Protestant churches of all kinds.

Thumma and Bird have listened to thousands of church members’ voices to discern what motivates less-connected, inactive members to move toward a life of discipleship and living out their faith in community.

The authors explore societal norms influencing involvement and identify distinctive qualities of churches that shape patterns of better volunteer participation.  They also examine the sometimes faulty and limiting perspectives leaders have about ways to increase involvement.

The book proposes practical steps to develop listening and learning teams to assist clergy in uncovering membership patterns, cultural norms, and leadership blind spots common to Evangelical and mainline congregations alike.

The Other 80 Percent includes a wealth of creative ideas that can expand what it means for people to engage more fully with their church.  Thumma and Bird reinforce the idea that spiritual growth is directly related to participation and involvement and that spiritual nurturance of the entire congregation should be at the heart of this effort.