The Shepherd's Guidebook

The Shepherd's Guidebook


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The cell group church is exploding!  At the heart of it are men and women who believe God has a better lifestyle for His church than the traditional one.  By faith, they have forged a New Testament concept of church life which involves care, nurture, and the commissioning of every believer to be a disciple maker.  Ralph Neighbour Jr. has been involved with small groups for over two decades, both as a pastor and as a consultant to cell churches around the globe.

In this book he shares twenty-five years of experience.  He tutors Christians who, like Paul, make tents for a living but plant the Kingdom with all their hearts.  The suggestions made in this book have been lifted from experiences he and others have had in cell church life.

He lovingly suggests this book is not intended for use in most traditional churches, where small groups are more of an add-on than a lifestyle.  Rather, it offers "how to's" for cell group workers who don't have to worry about the clutter of church programs which compete with the basic ministries of the Bride:  equipping and harvesting.