You Can Be a Soul Winner

You Can Be a Soul Winner


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Words matter.  Words can build up or tear down, pave a path toward God or set up roadblocks.  One way or another, what children hear from the adults they trust makes a significant impact – now and for years to come.  Do you want to give Bible studies and share God’s message with people you meet?  You Can Be a Soul Winner provides an in-depth look at the methods Jesus used as He invited people to join His Father’s kingdom.  You’ll learn how to apply Jesus’ methods as you lead people from the basics of the Bible to choosing to become disciples of Jesus.

This book includes: Personal Preparation If you want to be an effective soul winner, you must have an open channel of communication with God.  Find out how you can communicate with God through prayer, Bible study and meditation.

Drawing Near to People Examine methods Jesus used to draw near the disciples on the road to Emmaus and find out how you can apply these principles to your ministry.

Exposing Erroneous Thought Patterns Jesus worked constantly to illustrate truth and persuade people to believe in Him.  He left us a pattern to examine and a method to follow when working with others.  Learn how you can help people find the truth.

Explaining Difficult Passages Being prepared to give Bible studies is more than studying what you believe.  It’s becoming familiar with difficult verses that can be misunderstood, and being ready to explain them.

Introducing the ABC’s of Bible Study The ABC’s of Bible study is a good study method to share as an example during your Bible studies: A = Assume that God’s Word doesn’t contradict itself B = Believe in the big picture C = Consider the context

Showing the Big Picture Discover how to share Bible verses with people without overwhelming them, and show them how the Bible makes sense and fits together.

Getting Decisions Truth, presented properly, has a drawing effect and calls for a decision.  Most people need three things in order to make a choice:  a trusted relationship, information that speaks to their life today and motivation to make a change.  Learn to recognize the right time to call for a decision.

If you want to learn to give Bible studies that lead people to Jesus, this book is for you!