Discover Your God-Given Gifts

Discover Your God-Given Gifts


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What makes you tick?  Do you love to plan ahead, or take things as they come?  Do you prefer teaching believers, or evangelizing the unsaved?

We all love to discover new things about ourselves.  Therefore, Discover Your God-Given Gifts is fun as well as revealing.  Don and Katie Fortune explain how the seven motivational gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8 are actually the key to understanding the very motivating forces of our lives, the forces God created within us to help us serve Him more fully.

The authors provide extensive and insightful "self-help" forms that help you recognize your gifts.  You'll see why you act and thing the way you do. 

Using your motivational gifts will bring you the greatest joy you have ever known.  Take some time now to Discover Your God-Given Gifts.