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The NAD Evangelism Institute coordinates with conferences, churches and pastors to provide the equipping necessary to inspire and prepare members across the Division to become effective leaders, lay ministers, soul winners, church planters, and passionate disciples of Christ.  These equipping events will support your conference and church goals for Growth, Evangelism and Multiplication. 


(1 Weekend – Friday evening to Sabbath evening)



The focus of MissionWorks is to help pastors and leadership teams work interactively around tables to create a strategic mission-centered plan for their community. The plan is born from each team’s particular vision and missional purpose.


Establishing a Missional Culture

This module will help develop a vision and the values to create a missional culture. It will also help members discover and implement their role as God’s ministers in the church and community. The discovery of their spiritual DNA will help members utilize it to become all God intends them to be, and serve as a basic orientation to growth in the local church.


Simply Missional

Creating an evangelism scorecard and process that facilitates and tracks the development of relational contacts from ministry involvement to committed members.


Growing Missional Groups

This module deals with the content and development of missional small groups as the basis for outreach and growing newcomers into fully devoted disciples.


Multiplying Disciple-Makers

Church planting multiplies disciples by creating new venues for evangelism. Practical competencies for discerning vision, building teams, serving the community, developing leaders, and implementing missional structures are adapted to particular people groups or ministry areas.


Living and Demonstrating the Gospel

Helping members share the Bible effectively in initial spiritual conversations resulting in the process of conversion is the topic of this class. Practical suggestions will be given in the areas of purposeful relationships, creating safe places where members can connect their friends using coaching skills for effective Bible studies. 


Developing Equipping Teams

Assessing and activating spiritual gifting and personal style as the basis for member involvement and the development of missional teams.


Leading Change

This module will help your leadership identify the necessary steps to guide an effective change process as your church transitions to a missional model for ministry.


Contextualized Evangelistic Preaching

Organizing and conducting evangelistic series that relevantly connect the Adventist message with the current thinking and culture of the surrounding community.


Coaching Missional Leaders

This module will help you assess the character, gifting, and personal style of potential leaders. You will also gain competency in applying coaching skills to develop missional leaders or church planters.


Field Evangelism

A multi-week, full length series of evangelistic meetings leading people to Christ. This is in conjunction with a field school. The dynamics of public evangelism, visitation and discipleship are taught in the setting of a real time evangelistic meeting. Participants will work together with student ministers from the Masters of Divinity program and be equipped to help lead people into a relationship with Christ and His church.  


Tracks for Equipping University

Conferences or clusters of churches and districts desiring a custom-made track, may select four to five modules from the list or choose a preset track. The tracks allow the NAD Evangelism Institute to walk alongside in your intentional process of mission-shaped growth and change.

Church Transformation

  1. Leading Change
  2. Establishing a Missional Culture
  3. Intentional Disciple-Making Structures
  4. Contextualized Course

Church Planting

  1. Multiplying Disciple-Makers
  2. SEEDS Conferences
  3. Coaching Missional Leaders
  4. Intentional Disciple-Making Structures
  5. Developing Equipping Teams
  6. Growing Missional Groups

Contextual and Proclamational Evangelism

  1. Living and Demonstrating the Gospel
  2. Intentional Disciple-Making Structures
  3. Contextualized Evangelistic Preaching
  4. Growing Missional Groups

Coaching and Leadership Development

  1. Coaching Missional Leaders
  2. Developing Equipping Teams
  3. Establishing a Missional Culture
  4. Leading Change


      NAD Evangelism Institute Presenters & Ministry Coaches

      Ed Schmidt

      NADEI Director & Associate Professor SDA Theological Seminary


      • Church Growth
      • Church Revitalization
      • Personal Evangelism
      • Equipping Laity

      John T Boston, II

      NADEI Associate Director


      • NCD Coach
      • Pastoral Ministry
      • Evangelism
      • Coaching for Evangelism
      • Retention & Community Impact 

      Errol McLean

      NADEI Associate Director & Associate Professor SDA Theological Seminary


      • Church Growth and Discipleship Models
      • Coaching for Evangelism
      • Coaching for Church Revitalization
      • Friendship & Personal Evangelism Training

      Anthony WagenerSmith

      NADEI Associate Director & Assistant Professor SDA Theological Seminary


      • Church Planting
      • Church Systems
      • Coaching & Discipleship 


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