Organic Church:  Growing Faith Where Life Happens

Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens

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Churches have tried all kinds of ways to attract new and younger members - revised vision statements, hipper worship, contemporary music, livelier sermons, bigger and better auditoriums.  But there are still so many people who aren't being reached, who don't want to come to church.  And the truth is that attendance at church each week does not necessarily transform lives; God's presence in our hearts is what changes us.  Leaders and laypeople everywhere are realizing that they need new and more powerful ways to help them spread God's Word.

According to international church starter and pastor Neil Cole, if we want to connect with young people and those who are not coming to church, we must go where people congregate.  Cole shows readers how to plant the seeds of the Kingdom of God in the places where life happens and where culture is formed - restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, parks, locker rooms, and neighborhoods.  Organic Church offers a hands-on guide for demystifying this new model of church and shows the practical aspects of implementing it.

While it may seem revolutionary, this model of church - bringing God's message where people are rather than expecting them to show up at church - is in keeping with the message of Jesus, who lived among the people of his time.  Organic Church shows how we can return to those ancient roots by letting the church be alive, organic, growing, spreading in the most likely and unlikely places.