Prophecies Decoded DVD Set

Prophecies Decoded DVD Set


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A prophecy series based on Revelation, Daniel, and other prophetic portions of Scripture that instructs and inspires, and more than rewards the careful and serious Bible student. It is very likely you will never be the same again you have seen all 28 presentations. Filmed live from Nashville.

Format:  DVD (NTSC)

Session Titles: Coming Soon:  A New Superpower 2012 and Prophetic Signs of the Time of the End Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues War in Heaven Between Michael and the Dragon Revelation’s Three Angels’ Messages The Lamb Slain and the Seven Seals A New Revelation of Jesus Christ The Antichrist and the Cults that Follow Him In Search of the Ark of the Covenant The Greatest Issue in the Book of Revelation – Part One The Greatest Issue in the Book of Revelation – Part Two How to Keep God’s Holy Day How to Live Longer and Better Taking a Stand at the Time of the End The Longest Time Prophecy in the Bible Doctrines of Demons and the Mystery of Death The Fall of Babylon the Great The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God Israel and the Rapture of the Christ The United States in Bible Prophecy The Beauty and the Beast of Revelation The Remnant’s Use of Time, Treasure, and Talent The One Thousand Year Millennium Revelation’s Lake of Fire Heaven and the Apocalypse A Messenger for the Last Days Christian Standards for Today The Work of the Holy Spirit in Your Life