Radical Disciples for Revolutionary Churches

Radical Disciples for Revolutionary Churches

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What would happen in a war if the troops on one side lounged idle and weaponless at the scene of the battle?  What would happen in a football game if everyone - planers and fans alike - warmed the stadium seats to watch and empty field?

In his earlier book, Revolution in the Church, evangelist Russell Burrill challenged his fellow church members to become participants rather than spectators - to become active rather than passive - to abandon the lethargic Laodicean lifestyle of relaxing and watching, attending and praying, and get serious about carrying the good news to the world.

Now, in Radical Disciples for Revolutionary Churches, Russell explores what it will take to produce the kind of church members who will do just that.  He proposes nothing less than a major rethinking and retooling of how we "do evangelism."

If the author's vision is implemented, our churches will no longer need pastors to hover over them, spoon-feed them spiritually, and cajole them into activity.  Instead, churches will be filled with members mature enough to be responsible for their own spiritual growth - with members who accept that ministry it their tasks and should not be shifted to a paid clergy.

The ideas you encounter here may indeed be radical. But the author didn't come up with them on a whim.  He found them right where you can find them - in the New Testament.  Once before, the church applied what you will find in this book, and the result was the explosion of Pentecost. Imagine what will happen when the church rediscovers that secret of power. 

Imagine Pentecost Two!