The Permanent Revolution

The Permanent Revolution

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The Permanent Revolution is an original work of theological re-imagination and re-construction that draws from biblical studies, theology, organizational theory, leadership studies, and key social sciences.  The book elaborates on the apostolic role rooted in the five-fold ministry from Ephesians 4 (apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers), and its significance for the missional movement.

Throughout the book, the authors propose a revolutionary missional ecclesiology that is shaped by the New Testament account of apostolic imagination, ministry, and strategy.  The aim is to reclaim the ministry by which the church is to remain centered on its calling to be the instrument of God’s mission, and that everything it is and does ought to relate to and demonstrate that calling.  To (re)capture the practice of apostolicity, the author explore how the apostolic ministry facilitates ongoing renewal in the life of the church and focus on leadership in relation to missional innovation and entrepreneurship.  They examine the nature of organization as reframed through the lens of apostolic ministry and explore how apostolic leadership provides new and missionally creative ways forward.

The Permanent Revolution is filled with challenging concepts and is replete with innovative ideas.  Rather than providing a prescriptive model for leadership, it offers spiritual prods and suggestive though experiments that are designed to stimulate imagination as well as action.  If faithful leaders are to take up the work of ministry as laid out in the New Testament, this book offers a significant pathway to help equip them to better fulfill their mission.