The Relational Way

The Relational Way

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With all the excellent books on small group ministry on the market today, one would think the subject has been covered completely. However, the foundational basis for holistic small group ministry (a highly relational set of values) must be in place before holistic small group ministry will thrive. In this new release, Scott Boren does an excellent job dispelling the most common myths about small group ministry.

What are the myths?

  • Doing the right thing (a small group program) without consideration of the right way (the relational way) will produce community.
  • Meeting in small groups is the central source of biblical community.
  • Building a new small group ministry structure on top of old stories of church will transform a church and build community.
  • Groups will succeed if they are built around a specific strategy, method, or model.
  • Small group community is best fostered in a context whereby the group members focus solely on ministering to the needs of one another.
  • Small groups can develop biblical community without an overt dependence upon the Holy Spirit.
  • The small group/large group structure is all that is needed.
  • Equipping that solely addresses "right Christian thinking" will adequately prepare people for relational kingdom living and fruitful small group life.
  • Weak leaders are the ones who require the most care, oversight and direction.
  • Small groups will grow and multiply if they simply serve as a place to discuss the Bible and connect people in relationships. 

Each chapter delves into the missional truths about each issue with detailed views from theologians, psychologists, and Boren's own excellent biblical exegesis.