Equip:  Putting Your Spiritual Gifts into Action Seminar Kit

Equip: Putting Your Spiritual Gifts into Action Seminar Kit

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“We must not only empower people for ministry, but equip them for service.”

This kit includes much more than a spiritual gifts assessment seminar. It is a complete guide for your church to start a system of membership ministry and match each member to a ministry where they have the gifts and passion to thrive.

The Church Leader’s Guide is for the pastor or elder who will be responsible for leading out in the EQUIP process. This resource starts with biblical foundations and a vision for membership ministry and then moves into implementation which includes assessment, spiritual gifts seminars, a matching process and ideas for affirmation, and instructions for monitoring and evaluation. This guide also includes tips on effectively integrating the EQUIP process into your church’s Nominating Committee.

This guide outlines a 12-month cycle that your church can implement each year.


A key piece of the EQUIP process are the four seminars where your members will experience the four steps to service: Hearing God’s call to service Learning about spiritual gifts and discovering one’s own gifts Finding places of service Committing to step forward in ministry for Christ

The Teacher’s Guide provides step-by-step instructions for each seminar and shows how to most effectively use the video and PowerPoint resources.

This kit contains a sample copy of the Participant Guide for you to review. Each participant in the EQUIP seminar will need their own Participant Guide for notes, activities, and to take the spiritual gifts inventory.

EQUIP is based on the belief that it is normal for every Seventh-day Adventist Christian to serve in the body of Christ and be a witness in the community.