Light Your World for God

Light Your World for God

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For the last thirty-five years, we have marveled at the sight of tens of thousands led to Christ.  Successful soul-winning is not an accident.  Churches do not grow by chance.  Communities cannot be impacted with God's last-day truth without careful planning.

In Light Your World for God, we present practical, field-tested, proven principles that can make a dramatic difference in your church and community.  These "Biblical Keys" to successful soul-winning will revitalize your church.  This may be the most important manual on witnessing you will ever read.

You'll discover how to: Lead your church into a spirit-filled revival Organize and sustain powerful intercessory prayer groups Equip and train each member to use his/her spiritual gifts in service Develop an ongoing, effective Bible study ministry outreach Foster weekly witnessing activities Reap the greatest results from public evangelistic meetings Nurture new believers to become solid members of the body of Christ

Thee biblical principles have worked for us around the world.  They will work for you too, as you lead your church into this carefully-designed, biblically-based evangelistic process. God promises you an abundant harvest.  Put hem into practical and watch what God will do.

--Mark & Ernestine Finley