Majesty:  Experiencing Authentic Worship

Majesty: Experiencing Authentic Worship

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Worship is an encounter with God, a life-changing experience.

How long ago was your last life-changing experience? This morning? Last week? Can't remember?

In these pages are scriptural principles to guide you into a genuine worship experience. Of course you know whom to worship, but what about why, how, and when? And what does the Bible have to say about the significance of worship in a Christian life?

Discover the simple yet profound answers that will transform your soul and leave you hungry for Gods presence.

Chapter 1  Worship:  The Heartbeat of the Believer Chapter 2  What Is Worship? Chapter 3  A Biblical Model of Worship Chapter 4  How to Behave in a Worshipful Way Chapter 5  Prayer and Worship Chapter 6  The Word of God and Worship Chapter 7  Praise and Worship Chapter 8  Offering and Worship Chapter 9  The Church of My Dreams Chapter 10  The Thrill of Worship